The Smarties Series possess characteristics proven to develop early readers.
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About Savor Publishing House

Savor Publishing House, Inc. is home to A Smarties Book® series and we’re on a mission to increase health literacy. 88% of Americans lack proficient health literacy skills, (National Assessment of Adult Literacy 2003 report).

Health literacy is defined as ones ability to obtain, interpret and utilize health information to enhance one’s health. Medication overdoses, inability to comprehend appointment slips, consents and insurance forms, are all directly related to low health literacy skills. The detrimental effects are felt throughout society with increases in sickness, death, and health care costs. It is estimated that the cost of low health literacy to the US economy ranges between 106 billion to 238 billion annually (Low Health Literacy: Implications for National Policy, John A. Vernon Ph.D, University of Connecticut).

The interactive story-lines written in rhyme and the dynamic illustrations within the Smarties Book® series leave children shouting, “Read it again!” These highly effective tools utilized in our health themed pictures books have paved the way to our success in developing early readers. By increasing health literacy skills we decrease poor health and the joy of life continues.

Our literacy crusade does not stop with the production of books. Bridging corporations and non-profits together with communities nationwide has sent a resounding message of unity and strengthened efforts through collaboration. Join us and together we can place children upon the path of academic success and increase health and wellness.